Friends & Resources

Here are some links to websites, forums and stores that have been useful to us. We're not officially affiliated although some of the operators are regarded as friends. If it's a link to a social site/forum, we're active members. If it's a link to a business, we're either happy customers or can vouch for the credibility of them.


Bushcraft Oz Forum A great group of guys and girls with a wealth of knowledge about all things bushcraft related.

Bush Lore Australia The best bushcraft/survival courses available. Solid common sense training based on first hand experience.

Packs and Beyond Australian based gear reviews. It's great to have a local perspective on how gear performs in our often unique climate and terrain.


Tier Gear Australia's finest camping & hiking hammocks, as well as all your DIY hammocking needs. Simon's workmanship and attention to detail is second to none.

Fat Boy Blades Trent makes great working bush blades and crafts outstanding Kydex sheaths and custom scales.

Low Viz Gear James hand makes precision shooting & bushcraft equipment for the modern frontiersman based on first hand experience. Made in Melbourne with quality materials.

Wildfire Gear If leather is your thing check out Ben's work. Premium innovative leatherwork with a clever combination of a traditional look with modern functionality.



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