Our Story

High Range Outdoors was established with a simple goal; to create outstanding outdoor equipment for the Modern Outdoorsman, Woodsman and Bushcrafter. Soldiers and hunters also appreciate the clean no nonsense nature of our designs.

We combine the durability and practicality of military grade gear with the comfort of civilian based products. As a former soldier, and now full time first responder and active outdoorsman, we are well versed in load carriage equipment and how integral it is to your time in the field being a great time to remember, or a time you'd rather forget....

We try to keep things simple. Our gear is built to last and to fulfil it's purpose exceptionally well.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have about our gear. Emails or phone calls will be promptly answered as soon as possible. Details are on our Contact page.

 We look forward to helping you get out there!

The High Range Team.



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