Grip6 Fallen Firefighters Belts

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FIRST RUN CLOSED. Expected to ship by the end of February.

Orders received from Feb 6 will not be charged and will be deemed as expressions of interest on a second run. If the second run goes ahead those who expressed interest will be sent an invoice.

Buckle only $41. Buckle and Strap $65.

Free shipping within Australia and the USA. Prices in AUD. Subtract approx 25% for USD exchange rate.

Support for the Families of the Fallen

At this time NINE men have died during firefighting operations within Australia in recent weeks. Many of these men have left behind young families and one was a soon to be father. Three of the nine were unpaid volunteers. To date funds have been set up for four of the nine men. We will attempt to make appropriate contact with the other families and add other funds if they get established. We certainly hope there is no need for any more. Even if you can't support by purchasing a belt you can still donate at the links below.

High Range Outdoors has teamed up with Grip6 to support the families of the Wildfire Firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty this fire season. All profits from theses custom etched Grip6 belts will be donated to the funds set up for the families affected by these tragic events. Donations will be paid directly into the bank accounts or funds set up for the families. Full details and links to the established funds can be seen below.

Buckles can be ordered with a strap or without for those who already have a Grip6 strap.

The straps are sized to suit up to 50 inch waist. They can easily be cut to size by leaving 6-8 inches longer than actual waist size, cut then run a lighter along the cut edge. Alternately you can leave a comment of your waist size when checking out and we can cut the strap for you.

See below for full information on funds that will be evenly donated to.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Geoffrey Keaton

Andrew O'Dwyer

Samuel McPaul

Fund details here at the NSW RFS Website

Ian McBeth US Contractor- Aircrew

Paul Hudson US Contractor- Aircrew

Rick DeMorgan Jr US Contractor- Aircrew

GoFundMe Details here. These details were provided by the Firefighter's employer.

Forest Fire Management Victoria

Matt Kavanagh

GoFundMe details here. These details were provided by the Firefighter's employer.

 Bill Slade



Grip6 Belt Overview

Customise your Grip6 belt by choosing a buckle and strap that suits you. Grab extra straps for a different belt every other day.

Uses: Perfect for outdoors or EDC, low profile doesn't chafe when worn under a pack belt. Alternate your look with various buckle types and strap colours.

Grip6 have nailed our own design philosophies with this great belt.


  • Tough, simple, lifetime warranty.


  • Buckles are laser cut from T6061 Aluminium.
  • Manufactured through a 12-step machining process.
  • Satin-dip anodised.
  • approx 25 Grams.


    • The GRIP6 A3 Guaran-damn-tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. These high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.


    • low profile contoured buckle and belt strap avoids rubbing from backpacks
    • lightweight


    • No moving parts.
    • Non slip locking mechanism allows micro adjustment for the perfect fit unlike belts that rely on hole settings.
    • Clean minimalist look.
    • Concealed tail; the tail tucks behind the buckle and belt strap meaning no tail flap.
    • Belt straps fit up to 125cm/50" and can be cut down to suit


    1. Interchangeable buckles and belt straps allow you to mix and match to suit your style or task.

    Grip6 belts are 100% MADE IN THE USA.

    Watch the videos below to see how the Grip6 belt works and how to resize the strap.




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