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MR40 bushcraft backpack Australia front view
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 backpack side angle view
MR40 backpack side view with side zip access open
MR40 backpack side view with kit belt
MR40 backpack side sleeve pocket
MR40 backpack side sleeve depth showing 34cm
MR40 backpack rear view with shoulder straps
MR40 backpack rear view with hydration bladder inserted
MR40 Backpack closeup rear view with hydration port in use
MR40 backpack rear view with kit belt
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 backpack side view with axe in side sleeve pocket
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors
MR40 Backpack - High Range Outdoors

MR40 Backpack

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The MR40 (Mid-Range 40L) was designed for multi-day trips with the ability to expand using our additional accessories and the Molle/Pals system popular on military equipment. It can also compress down as a day pack by using the side compression straps. We stuck to our core priorities of Durability, Comfort, Practicality and Modularity to provide a feature rich design where everything serves a useful purpose with ZERO gimmicks.

Uses: day hunts, 1-3 day field trips, bushcraft/survival bug out bag.

The MR40 will suit hunters, soldiers and bushcrafters who require a practical backpack that can carry mission essentials and task specific items like spotting scopes, tripods or axes. The adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt allow comfortable loads of up to 30kg.



  • Genuine 500D Cordura nylon inside and out. As tough on the inside as it is on the outside! 500D is light and has a tight weave, it dries a LOT faster than 1000D so a soaking wet 500D pack will dry faster and get lighter quicker.
  • Double layered base and sides meaning you’ll have to wear through TWO layers of 500D Cordura to penetrate the main compartment. In fact, the front is double layered as well due to the front pockets we’ve incorporated.
  • Covered drainage grommets on the base allows rapid drainage if the MR40 is submerged. The cover webbing prevents foreign matter entering the pack and protects the grommets from being smashed out and damaging the pack.
  • YKK Zips and Duraflex buckles are leading brands that set the industry standard. While there are several excellent brands of buckle suppliers, if your gear doesn’t have YKK zips then chances are it’s substandard and at greater risk of failure. We reverse our zips so the teeth face in. This protects them from dirt and mud prolonging the life and reliability of the zips.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on workmanship


  • Wide adjustable shoulder straps spread the weight over your shoulders which is more important than overly padded shoulder straps.
  • Removable belt cinches tightly with a pull forward redirect to bring the pack securely into your lumbar area.
  • Minimal padding to provide comfort while minimising sweat absorption to keep your back dry and warm throughout the day.


  • Roll top closure is the most effective at keeping out rain and dust.
  • Large main compartment allows easy stowing of gear.
  • Hydration port and sleeve allows hydration bladders to be run inside the main compartment.
  • Two full length YKK #10 side zips allow access to the main compartment to retrieve smaller items without accessing the roll top.
  • Two large front zip pockets are perfectly positioned and sized for high use items throughout the day.
  • Long side sleeve pockets are perfect for longer items like axes, saws, spotting scopes and tripods.
  • Removable lash straps allows bulky items like sleeping pads or sleeping bags to be strapped across the base of the MR40 saving valuable space in the main compartment.


  • Molle/Pals webbing across the front and sides allows you to strategically add compatible pouches as needed to suit the mission at hand. Run slick or kit up!
  • Our Loady Pouch integrates seamlessly to the front of the MR40 providing more storage space and an overflow/stash area for bulky items like helmets, rifles and axes.
  • Our Bolt 10 Day Pack can be attached to the top of the MR40 to provide extra storage of essentials as a grab bag or summit bag.


  • Volume 40L
  • Dimensions H 430mm   x   W 320mm   x   D 200mm
  • Weight 1.95kg with belt and frame

Accessories and other pouches not included unless purchasing the package. Production version may be slightly different to that shown.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Craig Jones
Great All Rounder Pack

I purchased the MR40 pack with Loady Pouch. Very stoked it is Aussie made!
!!! Amendment by HRO: MR40 is NOT Australian Made. Reviewer Advised !!!

I grew up in Far North QLD as a young fella. I spent alot of time in the bush. I bought this pack to get myself back out in the wilderness, reconnect with the bush, and sharpen my skills.

This pack works well for me. I have used it for hike and kayak to location trips. I also use it for pack walk exercises and fitness. This pack has not failed me in either format, wet, or dry. I now have such confidence in this pack that I plan on using it for a hunting trip with my mates. I can easily camp out of this pack.

With a combination of pack and loady pouch, the straps provided allow for a versatile setup that can be modified for different configurations. Being able to strap extra equipment to the base of the pack has been extremely useful on my trips thus far. The pack is comfortable to use straight off the shelf. The shoulder straps were easy to adjust. The back plate was shaped simply by wearing the loaded pack while mowing lawns and afternoon trail walks. The waist-belt should definitely be used to provide further support and remove some weight from the shoulders. Its very comfortable for me.

One thing that I see as an issue is the removal of the waist-belt once it has been attached to the large Velcro loop. It will be difficult to remove. Installing it was not so bad, but I can't see it being removed in a hurry. I don't intend on removing it unless absolutely necessary, so this won't be an issue for me. It may be for others though.

Overall this pack is perfect for my needs and bush skill level. I recommend it purely on its versatility.

This pack was recommended to me by Packs and Beyond - many thanks to Mick.

I thank High Range Outdoors for an easy purchase and good communication / support via email.

Christian Gorgoni

MR40 Backpack

Almost Perfect

When i Received my MR40 + Loady i Loaded it up and went for a walk to test it out. I Love The design and features and can only Fault the pack for 2 things 3 if i am being picky, First The waistbelt loop is sewn shut from top to bottom so you have to thread belt through left to right with hook and loop on the inside so threading the belt through to attach it to the bag is a Pain. second and probably my biggest problem is The shoulder straps The padding used is extremely stiff and not very wide, whether the padding will loosen over time or not i do not know. Third and again this is just if i were being picky is The colour it has a plastic like shine to it that makes the bag look a cheap like it was purchased from wish, which is no big deal and can be seen in the pictures and video above

The go to pack!

I bought the MR40 plus loady and bolt and it's since become my go to pack when I'm out camping. Having the combination of all 3 allows you to cater to the trip you're going on with ease, plus you can of course add other pouches to the pack where desired.

It's definitely built to last and it's had some good thought put into it's design, can't fault it other than i wish Benny offered it in multicam when i bought it haha. But i managed to snag the SR25 in multicam so i can't complain.

Just like all the other HRO products i own i definitely rate it and love to support Aussie business!!

Jason Porter
Beaut pack

Went on a 15km round trip today from one side of Penrith to the other, to pick up items of uniform. Nothing heavy.
Empty, you forget the MR40 is there. It cinches up tightly. The balance is gorgeous.
Half full, it just sits on the hips and fits very snugly. With or without the sternum strap although it is obvious why the sternum strap makes life better re circulation and so on. No swing or movement at all.
Got some looks in Westfield but it occurred to me that the pack will be around long after the retailers are a memory. And I had a chuckle - there’s resusable bags and there’s Reusable bags.