Small, medium and large pack pouches
Small pack pouch with Cordura tag and D ring
Small pack pouch opened zip with medical kit items
Medium pack pouch with Cordura tag
Small pack pouch top interior view
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches
Pack Pouches

Pack Pouches

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Pack Pouches are rugged, practical sized pouches to help organise your pack. The generous opening allows you to easily see, retrieve and stow the contents. The Pack Pouches have three bar sliders that slip through the D Rings in our packs to provide hanging storage compartments. There are also D Rings on the bottom so they can be joined together if desired.



  • Genuine 500D Cordura nylon.
  • #8 Industry standard YKK Zip. If your gear doesn’t have YKK zips then chances are it’s substandard and at greater risk of failure. We reverse our zips so the teeth face in. This protects them from dirt and mud prolonging the life and reliability of the zips.
  • Duraflex buckles. 
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on workmanship.
  • 48% zip opening.
  • Small Pack Pouch is sized to fit in your pocket and fits a nav kit, survival kit or snake bite kit.
  • Medium Pack Pouch is sized for a personal first aid kit and survival kit.
  • Large Pack Pouch is sized for clothing.
  • The Pack Pouches can be attached to the internal D Rings of the Bolt 10 Day Pack and MR40 to provide internal storage.
  • Small- H150mm X W100mm X D10mm   Weight: 60g
  • Medium- H160mm X W210mm X D60mm Weight: 100g
  • Large- H310mm X   W200mm X  D70mm   Weight: 130g

Pack Pouches sold separately unless purchased as a package. Accessories and other pouches not included.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Quality Gear

Excellent product. Quality materials and workmanship. Everything I needed and nothing excessive. It's obvious that these will last for a long time.

Amazing Products

I was introduced to HRO by a friend of mine who is very familiar with outdoor and tactical gear, and is a distributor of many similar products. When he told me that HRO manufactured extremely high quality products, I decided to order the MR-40 and various size pouches. Upon receiving HRO products I ordered, I was extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail. I am in the process of seeking out pouches for my plate carrier and I am going to buy more general purpose pouches manufactured by HRO because I know they are high quality and extremely durable. Thank you HRO for making an amazing product.


Excellent quality as is to be expected with HRO. Very practical little pouches. Great for keeping gear organized.

Quality Pouches

Bought all three size. Very high quality, neat stitching and the attachment system allows a number of different carry options. Zip is good quality. Ideal for organising either as a hang option in a pack or for just dropping into a pack. The various sizes cover most things that you will need. No hesitation in recommending. Will be ordering more. Solid kit.

Again Great!

Yet again, this product is built out of the highest quality materials and knowledge to back the product. I brought the pouch for one specific use but when it arrived I realised how versatile this pouch will become amongst the rest of my gear.

Its great to organise some gear inside your main pack if you have ocd like myself and these pouches allow me to do just that! these will become a very valued part of my backpack/kit

Thanks again High Range Outdoors